Since the 20th century and in the era of highly competitive markets, the ultimate challenge for companies is to make the right decision at the right time. Very often this decision making process is clouded by having too many alternatives rather than none. The real challenge hereby is to properly assess and evaluate existing processes in order to identify improvement potentials, subsequently then define and execute the right strategies and go new and improved ways.

If not handled efficiently – as so very often the case - the quest to attain sustainability may quickly miss the target and become counterproductive.

We often hear "Perception is Reality", while this may be very subjective when expressed by one single person, it comes closer to reflect the true reality the more individuals embody and raise the same perception. The consequential and obvious question that rises is, how can we still achieve to execute strategies in a sustainable way, based on priorities and a common understanding or consensus?



Having this in mind, we worked hard and extensively to provide an amazing, simple and intuitive centralized platform called BizMap.

No need for you to learn new methodologies, maintain infrastructure or cross platform data interfaces, just focus on assessing the current and general stakeholder perception of your interest points, conduct a personalized evaluation of the latter and finally define, execute and monitor the appropriate strategies in order to achieve your aimed target.

BizMap allows you to bring structure and easily oversight, assess and address all kind of complex points of interest within your organisation. Visual aids and simple reports quickly draw your attention to the most crucial and obvious problems, thus avoiding getting distracted by less important hitches.


THE streamlined approach to foster execution

  • Focus on engaging people rather than introducing another complex tool 
  • Outline critical areas for the success of your program/initiative/project
  • Assess your assumptions by involving stakeholders to provide their feedback
  • Evaluate feedback in a quantifiable way automatically validating your original assumptions
  • See focus areas based on «real» feedback of your stakeholders immediately
  • Initiate execution and follow through progress
  • After successful execution assess the new state accordingly (adjusted Deming Cycle)

Plan Actions based on color coded Assessment Results

Crucial Information at your fingertips...




Value Proposition for internal Use

We distinguish between companies intending to use BizMap internally and companies having in mind to use BizMap to orchestrate their customer projects.

Use BizMap to Assess-Evaluate-Do in your organization:

  • Foster collaboration and engagement by involving stakeholders defining all components affecting your initiative
  • Conduct the assessment and see the status in real time
  • Based on the outcome and your priorities define actions based on real data and assign responsables
  • Remember: you may adhere to your methodology/framework (PMI, Agile, ITIL...) when it comes to implementing the defined actions.
  • The crucial point is a clear status tracking and adding a brief description
  • At the end the only real question is often: Is an action/task DONE and if not, will it be DONE  in time and who is responsible?
  • Use the rigor of BizMap to get tasks DONE!

Value Proposition for Service Companies

The goal is to fostering a long term relationship with your customer
A proposal to you customer could cover:

  1. Draft/Initiation of project/initiative/program in a workshop with your customer to get customer insights
  2. Continue with consulting your customer after assessment
    • Evaluate the results together with your customer and conduct targeted interviews with critical stakeholders enabling you to be at the pulse.
  3. Offer to bring in you subject matter expertise in the Execution Phase:
    • Define execution measures together with your customer giving you a window of opportunity
  4. Sustain the results and prepare the next evolution:
    • Check success by re-running the same assessment again after a period of time ensuring that implemented actions led to a successful change.
  5. Use your defined maps for other customers allowing you to replicate successful projects whilst creating your own data store.

Should you propose a flexible price component of your services depending on the assessed outcome? Think about it…



We provide different scenarios allowing you to make the best use of BizMap

  1. Pay per use
  2. Start with the Assessement module alone
  3. Do a head start combining the Assessment module with the Execution module
  4. Choose if you would like to create executive reports yourself based on built in reporting/export functionality or leave it up to us


  • Cloud based on your dedicated instance / operated and maintained  by us
  • Cloud based on your dedicated virtual server / operated and maintained by us


Bizmap was presented at the HSG Alumni Konferenz 2016 in Davos

in case you are interested in the presentation please let us know by using the following link or just call






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